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March 08 2013


On Photography by Yasmine Kateb

Is there any amongst us who has not clicked a landscape photograph at some point in time or the other? And yet, how many get it right?

We take a holiday to some exotic location and see a breath-taking view; pull out our camera and click, click and click. The result, to put it mildly, is usually not ideal.

Beautiful as they are, landscapes are notoriously difficult to photograph. I’ve seen thousands of landscape photographs taken by amateurs and in 99% of them, either the light is against the lens or it is too harsh or there isn’t enough of it or the wrong shutter speed or focal length was used. And to think that these were pictures taken with digital SLR’s!

A good quality digital SLR’s can and will take superb pictures provided you follow a few simple basic rules while photographing a landscape.

What’s your photography style honey?

Each person with a camera has his or her own style of photography be it contemporary lifestyle portraiture, couples fashion photography, wedding photography, fashion and professional model photography or whatever else. Each person has a personal style of photography because our interpretation of what we see or what we want to capture differs (except of course for corporate, business and models photography in Houston where we are given a brief as to what is required).

Secret ingredient – light

The secret to any photography be it landscape or portfolio or family fashion photography or even other favourites such as couples fashion photography, self portrait photography, newborn photography and maternity photography is, LIGHT.

In the days of early photography, a photographic plate was a rectangular material on which a light-sensitive chemical was coated. Light sensitive meaning, it reacted to light and in doing so, created a near-permanent record of whatever was in front of it.

Today, the world has gone digital but the way a camera captures the scene in front of it hasn’t changed. Chemical has given way to digital imaging and lenses have become sophisticated and the lens housing may even interact with IC chips but the method of capturing a photograph hasn’t changed. For this reason, no matter how sophisticated the camera you are using, when it comes to landscape, the best time to photograph a landscape is within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset, or in fog, mist or rain. This is the time when the light is not harsh and the play of colours can have a phenomenal effect on the photograph.

The ‘character of the light’ therefore, makes all the difference between “just another photo” and a classic. To be honest, the ‘character of the light’ rule applies to all the photographs you intend to take. For example, soft lightning highlights the facial features of the person in front of you. Light placement can be used to create shadows (or no shadow) effect for the product or machinery you are trying to photograph and so on. The advantage of indoor fashion photography (like that in a photo studio), is that you can control the lighting anyway you like.

About the author:

Yasmine Kateb is a fashion photographer and has just announced the grand opening of her photography studio ‘Neil Jou Productions Inc.’, located at 11319 Olympia Dr., Houston, TX.

February 19 2013


Grand Opening of Yasmine Kateb Photography Studio at Olympia Dr., Houston, TX

In time for the wedding season, wedding, portrait and fashion photographer Yasmine Kateb has announced the grand opening of her photography studio ‘Neil Jou Productions Inc.’, located at 11319 Olympia Dr., Houston, TX.

The studio specializes in contemporary lifestyle portraiture, wedding photography, Fashion photography and glamour photography, modelling photography and portfolios, family fashion photography, couples fashion photography, newborn photography and maternity photography.

During our visit to Yasmine Kateb’s photo studio, she also displayed her online portfolio located on her new website http://www.yasminekateb.com/ . Press reporters such as ourselves seldom view photography as an art. For us, it is merely work – an image or images to backup our story. So we took the opportunity to chat with Yasmine Kateb and to see her portfolio.

Her style of fashion photography Houston and her dexterity in playing with colours, lights, filters and lenses was amazing. Her portfolio was neatly divided into various categories such as families, maternity and newborn, seniors, babies and kids, bridal portraits, modelling portfolios, corporate photography including staff, buildings, machinery and even product photography. Yasmine is also apt at using software to enhance an already fantastic photograph – it was amazing how in front of our eyes fashion photographer Yasmine Kateb transformed what looked like a picture of a standard electrical generator to look like it was manufactured by super smart beings.

At Neil Jou Productions Inc., a simple smile is no longer a smile; it transforms into a timeless image that captures the essence of each person. Her work is a mix of artful and creative portraiture of special relationships.

Yasmine Kateb’s photo studio also serves as a client gallery showcasing a variety of framed pieces, canvas gallery wraps, and custom designed albums. Yasmine Kateb is also full of complimentary decor ideas on displaying artwork at the client’s home. We had a fantastic time chatting with Yasmine Kateb – a persona of such amazing talent.

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